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Marine Spares

spares supply
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As every year, depending on market conditions, close to 900 to 1,000 ships are getting recycled in the Indian Sub-Continent yards, with ships age ranging from 1980  to 2010.


There is a broad availability of New/Unused spare parts from these ships apart from the usual used Items and machinery which these ships provide.


Our expertise lies in locating these items across these recycling yards, getting them in stock and supplying to our clients at 1/2 to 1/3 of the original maker cost with instant delivery status. For used items, we have our team for overhaul and testing of all items in our workshop before supply so that the refurbished items once provided gives impeccable service. We give six months warranty on our delivered items. This is particularly required by Ship Owners who have old tonnage and unable to get the Maker/Manufacturer have stopped the spares for their shipboard machinery as either the manufacturing of those items or the items have very long delivery time which could range from between three months to six months.

Scope of Supply

Main engine – spares and parts – cylinder liners & cw jackets, piston crowns, cylinder covers, piston rings, ex v/v spindles and seats, consumables.


Auxiliary engines – spares and parts – cylinder liners, pistons, connecting rods, cylinder covers,  ex/in v/v spindles and seats, piston rings, consumables.


Also complete auxiliary engines, camshafts, crankshafts, engine blocks and bed plates (with class certificates).


Engine room auxiliaries – spares and complete units – turbochargers (main and aux engines), purifiers, air compressors, air-condition and fridge compressors, fresh water generators, heat ex-changer plates and gaskets.

Deck machinery – hydraulic pumps and motors (cranes, winches), electric motors for winches, complete cranes, anchors and chains.

Navigation items – radars as per new IMO regulations, all makes and types) and gyros  – with installation services and 6 months warranty on installation.


Feel free to ask for a quote, and we can ensure prompt, efficient services at all times.

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