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Ship Delivery

As part of continued efforts to add value to their clients, Star Asia has developed an experienced team of personnel who does Ship delivery – under their power or tow. Ship delivery requires a good balance of quality seamanship and innovation, both of which is provided by Star Asia.


The team has successfully delivered a significant number of ships over the period of years. Star Asia is proud to say, we have undertaken some of the most arduous tasks of reactivating ships which are laid-up for a long time and not only successfully delivered but most economically delivered to their clients.

Over the period of year’s experience, Star Asia has mastered the most important aspects of ship delivery and provides very competitive services which include:

  • Manning

  • Pre-purchase Inspections

  • Registration and Classification

  • ISM & ISPS certification

  • Bunkering

  • Port clearing & handling

  • Weather routing

  • Insurance

  • Emergency response

  • Security assessment, anti-piracy measures (Armed) escorts

  • Repair & maintenance

     Feel free to ask for a quote, and we are here to serve!

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